Aspiration, Want and Fear Mods

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2019 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 20th Jun 2021 at 7:05 PM
Aspiration Failure Mod: Aspiration failure refers to sims hitting rock-bottom aspiration and the appearance of the therapist. Going into aspiration failure means nothing in the Sims 2, it's just a few animations. In fact, the game even rewards the sim by increasing their aspiration a bit. None of this makes sense to me. I think that there should be a consequence for reaching the lowest aspiration possible. So, I came up with this mod which does something very simple, but affects the game quite a bit.

This mod makes it so that whenever a sim goes into aspiration failure, their long-term aspiration (from Freetime) is decreased by an amount which is determined like this: the game rolls a random number from 0 to 1000, and adds 500 to it. This is the amount of long-term aspiration points the sim loses. However, before the game decreases the sim's long-term aspiration, it checks the following:
- If the sim has already maxed their long-term aspiration, the mod has no effect on those sims. This is because the game never modifies the long-term aspiration of sims who have maximum long-term aspiration.
- If the sim is a Young Adult, the final effect is divided by 5. So, the game rolls 450, adds 500, and is supposed to decrease the long-term aspiration by 950, but if the sim is a Young Adult, the final effect is reduced to 190. This is because Young Adults gain long-term aspiration very slowly, as they don't age.

This mod effectively makes reaching higher levels of long-term aspiration much more difficult. This also means that your sims will find it much more difficult to unlock Lifetime Aspiration Reward points, and obviously will find it much more difficult to reach maximum long-term aspiration which gives permanent platinum aspiration. Don't forget that only Young Adults and older can go into aspiration failure.
UPDATE 1: This update makes it so that if aspiration failure decreases the sim's lifetime aspiration score to lower than 1, it will set it back to 1, instead of 0.
UPDATE 2: This update makes it so that aspiration failure can only decrease the sim's lifetime aspiration to a minimum of 3000. I picked 3000 as the minimum, because children with lower red aspiration start the game with 3000 lifetime aspiration, so this is the lowest possible starting value.

LTA Update Mod: The game increases or decreases the sim's Long Term Aspiration bar every hour depending on their current Short Term Aspiration bar. The only check the game has for this is to see if the sim is part of the currently controlled family. This means that the game modifies the sim's LTA even if the sim is asleep or off-lot. This should not be allowed, because the game doesn't decay the sim's STA if the sim is asleep or off-lot. This is one of the main reasons why sims achieve full LTA and attain permanent platinum STA and mood so quickly in this game. This mod fixes this and only allows the game to modify the sim's LTA if they are awake and on-lot.

Want Check Tree Fixes: This mod fixes a large number of oversights with wants and fears.
- The game can't recognize the Apartment Life elevator for want/fear purposes. This has been fixed.
- The game can't recognize the Freetime DJ booth for want/fear purposes, and the game also allows sims to roll the Work as the DJ want on apartment, dorm and fraternity lots. These have been fixed.
- The game can't recognize the remote-control car and helicopter that came with Freetime for want/fear purposes. This has been fixed.
- The game can only recognize one of the exercise machines for want/fear purposes. This mod makes it so that all exercise machines are recognized. Treadmills and exercise bikes are not recognized, because Maxis didn't add want satisfaction code to those objects.
- The mod also makes the game recognize the Pet Stories conversion exercise machine, the Life Stories conversion Game Development career reward video game console and the Pet Stories conversion one-tile karaoke machine for want/fear purposes, if you have them.
- The game considers the Walk To Lot interaction as a vehicle, and allows sims to roll Woohoo in Car wants/fears even if they travelled on foot, which is an oversight on Maxis' part. This has been fixed. The game will only allow sims to roll these wants/fears if there truly is an ownable vehicle on the lot.
- The game only recognizes some of the Maxis stereos when considering whether sims should be allowed to roll Smustle wants. The game can now recognize all stereos and also DJ booths.
- The game allows sims to roll sim-to-sim Be Friends/BFs/BFFs wants towards pets, which should not be allowed, because there are separate Pet Friend/BF sim-to-pet wants. This has been fixed.
UPDATE 1: I just found out that sims cannot receive Repair Object wants if there are no broken stereos on the lot. This update fixes this, and now sims can receive Repair Object wants properly. Do not forget that these wants are GUID based, and the particular type of object the sim wants to repair will be the icon of the want. Such a want can only be satisfied if the sim repairs an object which has the same GUID as the object seen in the icon. Also, sims are much more likely to roll repair wants if they have at least some Tinkering enthusiasm, otherwise the want seems to be rare.
UPDATE 2: I found out that when the game determines whether Sim A is eligible to roll the want "Fall in Love with Sim B", the game prevents the sim from doing so if Sim A has a crush towards Sim B. Basically, the game's want/fear code considers crush as love. This causes Sim A to quickly reroll their "Fall in Love with Sim B" want if Sim A gets a crush towards Sim B, unless you lock the want. It also causes Sim A to roll the fear "Fall Out of Love with Sim B" even if Sim A only has a crush towards Sim B, without love. This update fixes these issues.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Freetime.

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