TS3 to TS4 - Eye Textures [JUNE 2020 UPDATE]

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Uploaded 24th Apr 2019 at 4:43 PM · Updated 6th Jun 2020 at 2:53 PM by littledica

This is a default replacement! If you already own a default replacement from someone else, it might not show up and potentially harm your game performance. Be sure to delete any previous default replacement that replaces these resources:
00000000 - FBFA2299B8A3B92E - 00B2D882
00000000 - 7882EE328F843230 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 266F957704D3C5D4 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 70F3C5328B8C46D4 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 5C7A2ED9B6122F44 - 3453CF95
00000000 - D043A3E997F88588 - 3453CF95
00000000 - BDE15CE35A059853 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 123EF8E2E439FE51 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 4A68FDE9DD6792E5 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 5ED16B32810C0341 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 29EA53D14775A2BD - 3453CF95
00000000 - D1659CCE910B3822 - 3453CF95
00000000 - BEE2C9DEBA7451F4 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 682EE5A0C6D31601 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 6276DE9018CC3364 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 04FB8AF461A6B6FA - 3453CF95
00000000 - DE3934C1BEA4591E - 3453CF95
00000000 - 8E26A70BFB453555 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 842456E70D4C29E0 - 3453CF95
00000000 - 232A9A245E839CFA - 3453CF95
00000000 - 85237963990D04CE - BA856C78

This default replacement will bring The Sims 3 eyes into The Sims 4! I have used the knowledge i posted here to create a custom CAS Cube map that will replace the sharp reflection type layer into the white dot that is present in The Sims 3 eyes. Result in game:

As you can see, the white dot is dynamically moving around, separated from the actual eye texture. I think it's a nice little detail that adds realism to the overall look of a sim.

There's 3 Different packages, what do they mean?
littledica.TS3eyes.CAScubemap.package: This only replaces the reflection, which means it will work with any other eye texture you have in game, including the default of the game;
littledica.TS3eyes.EyeTextures.package: This only replaces the texture of the eyes to the The Sims 3 one, just without the custom reflection;
littledica.TS3eyes.MergedKit.package: This contains both replacements all together.

I did not change the thumbnails to keep the original EA ones. You will only get the little wrench icon that tells you something is CC.
THE CUBE MAP REPLACEMENT WILL AFFECT CLOTHES AS WELL: There is not many clothes with a sharp type of reflection, but those that have it, will recieve the dot as well. It mostly blends in nicely and looks ok thanks to normal maps, but it is an effect that deserves to be mentioned.

Additional Credits:
EA: Eye texture;
Photoshop: Cube map making, Eye Texture swatches.

Eye Type: Default
Eye Style: Human

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