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Futuristic Living & Dining Rooms

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2019 at 10:29 PM
Updated: 2nd May 2021 at 10:35 AM

Hi everyone ,

I converted these futuristic objects from TS3 Into the Future.

Object NamePricePropertiesCatalog CategorySwatches
Nacelle Dining Table by Van Allen Décor1050§Environment 4Surfaces/Dining Tables6
Helios Helix Dining Table by Van Allen Décor350§noneSurfaces/Dining Tables4
TerraFormation Coffee Table by Modern Arcology375§Environment 2Surfaces/Coffee Tables4
Razer Rocket Dining Chair by Van Allen Décor375§Comfort 5 | Environment 1Comfort/Dining Chairs6
Batty's Egg Living Chair by Modern Arcology265§Comfort 4 | Environment 1Comfort/Living Chairs50
Rachael's Relaxer Loveseat by Van Allen Décor760§Comfort 6 | Environment 2Comfort/Loveseats50
Oryx Tower Stereo by Arasika Industries1950§Reliability 8Electronics/Stereos4
Tears in Rain Ceiling Lights by Modern Arcology350§Environment 2Lightings/Ceiling Lights4
Tears in Rain Ceiling Lights by Modern Arcology (tall)350§Environment 2Lightings/Ceiling Lights4
Planck Floor Lamp by Arasika Industries325§Environment 1Lightings/Floor Lamps4
Plank's Panels Wall Lighting by Arasika Industries175§noneLightings/Wall Lamps4
Gaia's Terrace Sculpture by Hill Gulch Furnishings170§Environment 3Decor/Plants4
Cobalt Codex Bookshelf1025§Environment 4Storage/Bookcases5

NB : The ceiling light has two versions, depending on the ceiling height.

2nd may 2021 EDIT: chair fixed from the march 2021 patch.

Happy Simming ,


Polygon Counts:
Dining Table 3x111931193345
Dining Table 1x1515515219
Coffee Table847847443
Dining Chair772772224
Living Chair817817293
Ceiling Light784230none
Ceiling Light (tall)784230none
Floor Lamp554554130
Wall Lamp222222114

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis for original meshes and textures.