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Malm Recolors of Honeywell's Kitchen Shelves

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Uploaded: 4th May 2019 at 3:33 PM
Michelle has done a lot of Malm recolors for various kitchen things, and I use them a lot. I also use Honeywell's kitchen appliance shelves a lot, and I wanted them to match. Rather than beg someone else to do it for me, I figured I'd quit being lazy and learn how to recolor. The result is... ok. They're not great, honestly, but they're good enough for my purposes. Figured someone else might find them useful, too.

If you're not familiar, Honeywell's shelves are special because they allow you to put small appliances on them and have them still be usable. They're great for freeing up counter space. You'll need to download the originals to use these recolors, of course.

As you can see, I recolored all the wooden bits of the shelves with the five Malm colors from the IKEA Malm set. That means they'll match anything from that set, and also all the stuff Michelle has recolored to match. I did not recolor the metal bits of the Pretty and Practical Kitchen Shelf because I thought they'd look silly in wood colors.

Catalog Info

Honeywell's shelves can both be found in Surfaces/Shelves and are both §200 each. The one with metal bits is called Pretty and Practical Kitchen Shelf, and the wood only one is called KnockOnWood III Kitchen Shelf.

Additional Credits:
Michelle, for providing the textures. SimPE for making recolors easy.