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Stockable Butcher's Meats with Fake Decra-chill

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Uploaded 29th Apr 2019 at 1:53 PM

An upload for the business theme. These butcher's meats have been cloned from harvestables, and will stock your Sims' refrigerators for fresh food points. I have included the type of meat required to cook all the meat based meals your Sims can cook at home (I believe). Where possible, I have used the meshes and textures from the raw state of the meal. Each piece of meat will add enough food points to the fridge to cook a group meal of its own type. Also, as Exnem's bacon and eggs and T Bone steak meals are practically canon in my view, I have included raw steak and bacon in the set for them.

These meats are recolourable, and I have included two recolours for the sausages. The tray is separately recolourable and has been repositoried. The master mesh is the Hamburger tray, and you will need this in your Downloads folder for the trays of the other items to show the correct texture. Any recolours made for that will be available for all the others as well. I have also included an invisible recolour of the tray in this set, in case your Sims live in a period too early for hygiene.

Items cloned from the harvestables sit happily on OFB shelves, but they won't go in the Decra-chill. As in our eyes meat (and fish) needs to be refrigerated, I have made a fake decra-chill to contain the meats. This was cloned from the standard OFB display shelf, but uses the Decra-chill mesh. It has been repositoried to the in-game Decra-chill, so will take any recolours you already have. Please note that if you put cooked food in here, it will go bad. Harvestables don't go bad, so that isn't a problem for them.

N.B. Harvestables have to be restocked from inventory, so you need to buy the meats from the catalogue and put them in your Sim's inventory in order to restock the shelves. To set up the business, buy them from the catalogue and place them, then use the business "For sale" tool to set them for sale.The game automatically adds a profit margin to the selling price.

The meats are available in the catalogue under Appliances/Miscellaneous and cost from $25 to $80. The Decra-chill is available under Surfaces/Shelves and costs $400.

Texture Attributions

Most textures are taken from the game. Additional ones used are under the spoiler.


Minced beef 335
Pork ribs 531
Hamburgers 910
Sausages 350
Pork chops 810
Salmon slices 800
Meatballs 734
Turkey 484
Holiday roast 504
Steak 540
Bacon 686
Fake Decra-chill 925

I have also included a collection file in the upload.

Polygon Counts:
Included in the main text.

Additional Credits:
Simpe, Blender, UV Mapper, Paint.Net.
The makers of the tutorials, particularly the ones on the repository technique!

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Kitchen
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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