Tokiboo Clothing, Mannequins

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2019 at 5:51 PM
Updated: 2nd May 2019 at 1:28 AM
This is for the Business theme.
I decided to share parts of my Tokiboo Clothing Store with you, the parts I can actually share.

These are 4 different clothing mannequin, 2 models for children and 2 models for toddlers.
These features my own CC clothing, as it made sense to me!

I have also included 2 Tokiboo Wooden Crate Display, to place the mannequins on them.

Since these Displays have no deco slots, you'll use OMSP.
OMSP for OFB Half Walls, for the highest Display, and OMSP for the bay Window, for the lowest Display.
Both by JohnBrehault or Night Stalker.
Found here

Cuties includes :
C'est la vie! - Toddler.
I is Zombie - Toddler.
BabyDoll - Female Child
Undies - Male Child

All 4 mannequins comes with a few recolors, to match the clothing they are actually selling...and all of them needs H&M Stuff pack.
The wooden Crate Display are base game. They use the mesh and texture of that crate children step on to harvest orchard trees
The rest of texture used are all mine.

All mannequins can be found under Buy Mode/Decorative/Sculpture for 150§
Both Wooden Crate Displays can be found under Buy Mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous for 25§

I also included a Collection File and Icon, and then...everything is found in there!
The Tokiboo Collection is enabled for both Residential and Community.

I hope these finds a new home in your own Clothing store!


Polygon Counts:
Mannequin_FC-BabyDoll : 1182
Mannequin_MC-Undies : 1137
Mannequin_UP-CestLaVie : 1248
Mannequin_UP-Zombie : 1192

Tokiboo_Display-WoodenCrate2Heights : 2985
Tokiboo_Display-WoodenCrate2x1 : 1012

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape 3D, paintShop Pro, The game! MTS.