New PJ's/Undies for Children

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Uploaded: 1st May 2019 at 2:59 PM
I have these in my game for about a year now, it is time to share!

So today I am offering you 2 new Pajamas, also categorized as Undies for Boys and Girls.
For your Boys, these are simple Recolors of the Bermudas Swimming from Base Game.
For your Girls though, I made a new mesh and added a tank top.
So it is not Unisex, as I did not want to see my little Girls going around topless.

My screenshots are showing BlooM's SexyFeet, because I have it defaulting anything barefoot in my game and that includes CASIE_cmbodybigshorts.
But let me assure you, your little Boys will still be able to use these Recolors with or without BlooM's Default.
I hope you won't mind them, as my new Mesh for girl included in this upload has the realistic feet.

Each Gender comes in 5 Recolors , and these are :
For Boys...
  • GreenSport
  • BlueFish
  • RedSpecked
  • BlueStripe
  • BlueSnail

For Girls...
  • GirlGreenSport
  • PinkDots
  • Flowars
  • BathBubbles
  • GirlBlueSnail
You might have recognize some Adult male pajamas textures, and this is right!
I used some game textures, added my own..and here you go.

Fat Morph for Girls included.
Fat Morph featured in Pictures for Boys is the actual Game's Default, no changes added.

Now, you might want to go Shopping to get them! Go grab their'll find the link in Related Uploads.


Polygon Counts:
Rosie_cfBody-Undies_MESH : 2441

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape 3D, PaintShop Pro, The Game! MTS.