Black and White - IKEA Rug Collection

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Uploaded: 10th May 2019 at 11:54 AM
I finally found out how to recolour objects and that opens a whole new world for me, really! I'm so happy in share my first object recolouring here!

You know how a rug can make your room look better and more cozy, right? But, the original game options are kinda ugly and doesn't match with almost anything. Since I don't like to put new meshes in my game and it's really hard to find beautiful and modern rugs in maxis-recolour, I made my own rugs. I got all the textures in IKEA's official website, that's why I gave this name for my colletion, however, these are recolours off "Bullseye Throw Rug" (from Teen Style Stuff pack), so you'll find this download in Buy Mode > Decorations > Rugs > Bullseye Throw Rug.

Hope you like it! :P