Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from The X-Files

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Uploaded: 13th May 2019 at 7:54 PM
Updated: 22nd May 2019 at 6:35 PM
Update 22 May 2019
I've uploaded version two of these sims. The changes are subtle and are mostly an improvement of Scully's chin/jaw plus a slight correction to the widths of the heads to account for the narrow field of view in CAS. Scully V2 uses 3 new sliders. I also added one new screenshot.

Fox Mulder

Traits: Supernatural Fan, Workaholic, Bookworm, Athletic, Light Sleeper

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Favorites: Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, Indie, Grey

Sign: Libra

Dana Scully

Traits: Supernatural Skeptic, Workaholic, Genius, Brave, Perfectionist

Lifetime Wish: Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler

Favorites: Spaghetti, Classical, Sea Foam

Sign: Pisces

Mulder Custom Content

Skin - Mango Smoothie Skinblend by Neiuro
Hair - Lapiz Zombrex
Eyebrows - Ephemera E-EyebrowsLow | alternate download
Eyes - Escand Oh My Eyes defaults
Beard - Simple Life Default Beard
Topical Details - OneEuroMutt Mole Cheek 2

Eyeshadow - PauleanR Eyebags 01 Male
Blush - hellohowlow lower lip overlay
Lipstick - INS3 Dry Lips

Scully Custom Content

Skin - Mango Smoothie Skinblend by Neiuro
Hair: Peggy 723 ctenid retexture
Eyebrows - Ephemera Autumn eyebrow type B | alternate download
Eyes - Escand Oh My Eyes defaults

Eyeliner - Ephemera Eeyeliner121204 | alternate download
Eyeshadow - S-Club eyeshadow 03
Lipstick - S-Club Lip N35

Custom Sliders

Sim Height by cmar (M, S)

Centauri Sundown
Arched Lips (M, S)

Uppear Lip Height (M, S)
Lower Lip Height (M, S)
Upper Lip Corners Width (M)
Jaw line width (M, S)

Upper Lip Tug (M, S)
Lower Lip Tug (M, S)
Alien Mouth (M, S)
Nostrils Depth (M, S)
Slanted Ear (M)
Jaw Height Only (M, S)
Cheek Depth Scale (S)
Eyelids_Length (M)
Upper Lip Depth (S)*

Lip ThinLower(fm tyae) (M)
thin lower lip (M)

TumTum Simiolino
Chin Cleft (M)

Jawline Height (M)
Forehead Depth (S)

Hooded Eyelid 2 (M)

Nik Sim
Nose Depth (S)*

Forehead shape (S)*

*used by Scully V2

  • These sims were saved with default skin, but with the other CC shown. The CC is not included in the download and must be downloaded separately.
  • The Supernatural Fan and Supernatural Skeptic traits are from Supernatural EP.

Additional Credits:
KEWAI-DOU Photo studio sets
OneEuroMutt Face Overlay EA Lashes - EA Sclera Version