Sims 4 Base Game Black Hair Recolour (NonDefault) | Updated For Island Living

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2019 at 2:20 PM
Updated: 25th Jun 2019 at 4:30 AM - Added expansion packs
I hate the bluish black hair from Sims 4, so I decided to make a recolour. I was originally doing it for myself, but I realised there are so many others that also hate the bluish colour, so I decided to upload it.

There is another option uploaded by chingyu1023, but it seems to be abandoned, and I noticed there were comments asking for a non-default version of it; so I made my version a non-default for this reason.

I used WildlyMiniatureSandwich's Base Game Hair Recolours and removed all other colour swatches and then used the burn tool to make it darker in photoshop.

You can find it at the end of the swatches on the base game hair.

I currently don't own all of the packs, but when I do, I'll be recolouring them and uploading them.

Additional Credits:
Sims4 Studio, CmarNYC's CAS Tool, WildlyMiniatureSandwich