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World of Warcraft Portrait Paintings

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2019 at 8:12 PM
Hi Azerothians!

This zip contains 2 .PACKAGES. (Portrait & Portrait2) The first one contains 30 and the second contains 31, bringing the total to 61 options!
The reason they are separated into two is due to the swatch count being so high.

This is the fourth upload of my Warcraft Painting collection!
The others i have created are:
-Chibi Paintings
-Landscape Paintings
-"Square" Paintings

This is a recolour of the Maxis Painting "Ode to Jazz 2:'Goldentips'".
Whilst a recolour, it stands independently ~ found in the - Decorative - Paintings / Posters Catagory..
-Or search for "Warcraft Portrait Paintings".
The cost is a low low price of $0! Go nuts!

All images are found on both google and/or pinterest under World of Warcraft search criteria so no credit can be taken from me as the artist, only the content creator

If you are a follower of my FB page, you may recognise the 3rd painting in image 13 as one of my original meme pieces!

Additional Credits:
Google + Pinterest for their image database containing fan artwork
-S4S for its database
-S4S for allowing me to export and import the images.
-Photoshop for the editing.
-TS4 for the screenshots!
-Paint for converting from png > jpeg.
-Blizzard for the official posters and game art