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Bakugou Katuski- My Hero Academia

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2019 at 4:24 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2019 at 3:00 AM
Welcome to Bakugou Katsuki! If I ever make anything new for him I will try to update this post (such as hair texture,
but I'm not the best at UV unraveling) but for now I'm just sharing what I've made. Also, the Sim I used in this creation is a young adult, not a teen.

The UA uniform will be made into a separate post for download.

This package only includes his:
Eye color



UPDATE Hair has been reduced to 4k polys.

You can also find the school uniforms in the attached link below.

You can also download the Hero career here:

Custom Content by Me:
- Bakugou Katsuki's shirt, eyes, and hair.

Additional Credits:
UA uniforms: