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Maison Nantes (No CC)

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2019 at 2:11 PM

Have you ever wondered how the stars live? Have you ever thought “Oh, my Sim is so famous and has so much money, but I just can’t find a suitable place for him to live”? Well, look no further. All your daydreams and wonders have now been fully answered by Maison Nantes.
Designed to fit a big family comfortably, Maison Nantes has 4 full bedrooms, each one with its own design feature and bathroom. There is also a full bedroom for your butler (because you’ll obviously need one if you’re gonna be living here) and a Master Suite that has a designer closet and a master bathroom that you make all your enemies jealous at the least.
The outdoor area has a world-class landscaping design, a huge pool that will fit all the sims you may invite to a pool party, 2 barbecue areas, a hot tub and its own separate entrance to the underground floor, for these days you want to throw a party but just doesn’t want people wandering inside your private living spaces.
The Bowling area has a massive space, with 4 bowling areas, its own bar, 2 commerce-style bathrooms, a dance floor with a DJ cabin and all of the amenities for a fine party that will be remembered by the whole city.
Some of the extra features of Maison Nantes are:
A Gym, because a rich and famous Sim just shouldn’t have to mingle with Simpletons
4 Jacuzzis – 2 external and 2 internal
2 spotlights, because no amount of attention is enough
A Garage, because you never know when EA is going to decide to include cars in the game
A Rooftop leisure space, complete with jacuzzi and plenty of sitting space
An Influencer office, complete with all of the gear necessary for Video and Music creations
A photographic studio
An artistic studio
A screening room
A music room
With all of that, we can guarantee your Sim won’t be in desperate need of space. There are also plenty of mirrors on the walls so that your Sim can always appreciate his gorgeous image.
Hope you enjoy it!
Lot Traits:
- Celebrity Home
- Good Schools
- Party Place

Fits (comfortably in its current state):
- Master Bedroom: 2 Sims
- Other Bedrooms: 9 Sims
- Total: 11 Sims (5 Couples - 1 Butler) or 7 Sims (1 Couple - 4 Individuals - 1 Butler)

1) Unzip the archive to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray (you can delete the zip file after unzipping).
2) Open your gallery within the game to place the lot. Reccomended spot: The 50x40 lot indicated on the last image (city: Del Sol Valley)

Lot Size: 50x40
Lot Price (furnished): 1001404
Lot Price (unfurnished): 243195