PineappleForest's sheer K&B PJs -- now for teens and elders

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2019 at 6:47 PM
Recently, PineappleForest made some sheer recolors of the K&B camisoles for AF. After seeing them, I thought that elder and teen females should be able to have them too, so I made texture-referencing packages on Cocomama's elder mesh and migamoos' teen mesh.
The outfits are available as Underwear and Pajamas. There are two rar files, one for each age, and each rar file contains the appropriate mesh.

These outfits draw their textures from PineappleForest's AF outfits, so they will not appear properly unless the AF outfits are installed. The packages are tooltipped, and their filenames refer back to PineappleForest's, so matching them up shouldn't be a problem. Please note that, while the age-conversion meshes don't require K&B, PineappleForest's outfits do require it.

Custom content in images:
Default skins by Leh
(Note: The download links at GoS don't work, the skins can be downloaded here
Default eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link)
(Note: The download link is the pic of the eyes. It appears to be working at least some of the time.)
Default replacement eyebrows by rainstorm25

Additional Credits:
PineappleForest, for the original AF outfits.
Cocomama and migamoo, for the age-conversion meshes.
Skell's Maxis Match Repository Project, for showing me that Cocomama's mesh can reference AF textures.

Inge's Teleporter Cat was used to summon the elder models.