Sims 4 Teen Job Career Set

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I present to you eight careers for your teen sims that literally just popped into my head. I felt that my teen sims needed more options, so I began jotting down ideas and that's how these careers were born I totally forgot about the manual labor job as I was working on the Yard Worker career, but it's not really the same. Yard Worker tends to focus more on gardening, so I feel that's a good career path if your teen likes to plant seeds and whatnot.

Teen Career Set

Camp Counselor
Do you love the outdoors, adventures, creating friendships, and working with kids? If that's a yes, then becoming a camp counselor is the perfect part-time job for you! Come to Camp Granite Falls to begin wonderful memories and earn a little paycheck while having fun!

Grocery Store Bagger

Baggers are integral members of the team, providing support to both customers and staff members. Merchandise handling is just one aspect of a bagger’s responsibilities. Baggers also perform tasks that contribute significantly to customer service and the smooth operation of the store in general. Bring those lovely charisma skills to the Fresh Market and bag some groceries.


It's so relaxing to sit by the pool and get paid for it. Sounds great, right? Then apply to be a lifeguard at Willow Creek Pool! If you don't have the experience, no worries. That's what training is for.

Movie Theater

If you really love movies and snacking on the job, then working at Sim Sky Cinema is just right for you! Friendly faces and cheerful smiles are needed to sell tickets and bring in the crowds!

Newspaper Deliverer (Paperboy / Papergirl)

The most important expectation of a delivery job person is delivering the correct product to the customer within a designated time frame. Timeliness is especially important for newspaper delivery jobs. Newspapers report time-sensitive information that may interest the public. Grab that stack and start delivering!

Pet Sitter

Who doesn't love animals? They're so cute, fluffy, and irresistible! Being a pet sitter comes with big responsibilities. Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business. Routine duties for a pet sitter include feeding, putting out fresh water, brushing pets, taking dogs on walks, and cleaning litter boxes.


Is tutoring for you? Do you enjoy helping others? Are there certain classes that you really enjoyed? Would you like work experience that looks good on a resume or college application? Is that a yes? Then apply to be a tutor to help your academic peers, young and old!

Yard Worker

Yard workers monitor and landscape the grounds surrounding buildings and businesses. This is an outdoor job that takes place in all weather. It’s well suited to people with the strength and stamina to carry out physically demanding tasks, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work independently without supervision. If your skills match, then welcome to being a Yard Worker

I hope you enjoy this career that I worked extremely hard on. If you have any questions or problems, let me know! If you just wanna extend some support, I'll appreciate that too

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