Spellman Mortuary - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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"Spellman Sisters Mortuary, how may I assist you?"

Spellman Mortuary: Funerals, Burials & Rites is a funeral home owned by the Spellman sisters, Hilda and Zelda, located in Greendale.
Magic and mystery await you in the Spellman house.

A replica of the Spellman house seen in The Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Every room is included, with some extra rooms to fill out the house. Extra items are included to make the house more "sim-friendly", such as the alchemy station, magic mirror, witch brooms, other items from the Supernatural EP, and more.

You might notice that the construction/architecture of the exterior of the house does not match the exterior from the show. This is because the exterior in the show is just for show, and the interior rooms were filmed on set. I focused most on arranging and piecing together the interior rooms to make the most sense, instead of the exterior. I tried to make everything else as close to the real thing as possible.

Custom Content Used:

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Embalming Room Pt. 2 (Instruments A & B, Forceps A & B, Bottle B C & D, Basin A, Scissors, Chisel, Syringe) (by BuffSumm)

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Greek Goddess Hekate (by weirdling)

Country Knob set (Drawer 1x1, Glass 1x1) (by DOT)

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Rizal Nook Bench (by Majuchan)

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Shoe Bow Mesh (by DOT)

Clive Bedroom (Highheels, Ballerina with Highheels, Boots with highheels, Sandals with highheels) (by ShinoKCR)

Cappuccino Hallway Shoes (by mensure)

Maxime Single Entrance Door (by Kriss)

The aDoorable Double Door (by Mutske)

Colonial Circle (2 tile) (by Cyclonesue)

Sims 3 Store
Overachieving Plate Rack (Sims 3 Store Content)

Year of the Rabbit (Sims 3 Store Content)

Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Wall Chilies Sculpture (Sims 3 Store Content)

Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Hot Haute Hot Spice Rack (Sims 3 Store Content)

The Big Cheese Coat Rack (Sims 3 Store Content)

Oceania Orb Lantern (Sims 3 Store Content)

Beveled Mirror (Sims 3 Store Content)

Haute Hip Panther Sculpture (Sims 3 Store Content)

Cow Plant (Sims 3 Store Content)

Celestial Serenity Lamp (Sims 3 Store Content)

Quaint Cooker Stove (Sims 3 Store Content)

Loitering Luggage (Sims 3 Store Content)

Bryan The Valentine Bear (Sims 3 Store Content)

Classic Window (Sims 3 Store Content)

These are "currently not available for individual sale", the entire set/world is needed, but these items are not required for the lot to work.
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (Bakery Display) (Sims 3 Store Content)
Mural Moderne (Sims 3 Store Content)
Wood Fire Oven (Sims 3 Store Content)

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 377,325
Lot Price (unfurnished): 159,256