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The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration (+Extras) Updated

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2019 at 7:35 PM
Updated: 12th Apr 2022 at 12:28 AM

For an updated version of this mod, follow this link. Thanks to
for his/her work, very appreciated. Hugs and happy simming.

Mod Last Update: 08/09/2019



This mod is dedicated to StrangerVille GP. I will represent two sections, the main aspiration and its extras. They are three mods separately that can work by themselves, they don’t need to each other to work.

The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration:

This is a hidden aspiration, it means you need to do something to get access to it. It is very easy, you only need to go to your dead mother plant and click on “Revive” interaction.


After the destruction of the magnificent Mother Plant, there are new mysteries to solve regarding to its mortality and powers. We will travel around the world to have more knowledge about the Mother Plant origin and its resurrection.

Beginning A New Journey
  • Ask about The Mother Plant In StrangerVille (50)
  • Do The Petition The Sim Asked to You (150)
  • Give What The Sim Asked To You (200)
  • Go to The Place Your Friend Told You (300)
Searching For A Meaning
  • Search For Information In This Place (50)
  • Give The Required Items (250)
  • Read The Rewarded Book (100)
  • Get an Essence of Energy Drink (250)
The Explorer
  • Achieve Level 10 Handiness Skill (300)
  • Go to Forgotten Grotto (100)
  • Collect 3 Batfish (150)
Between Two Worlds
  • Go to Sixam (400)
  • Talk About The Book With An Alien (50)
  • Get The Password (250)
  • Collect Quill Fruit 3 Times (250)
The Climax Of A New System
  • Enter The Password (50)
  • Have 1 Potion of Youth (2000)
  • Cook an Excellent Quality Ambrosia (500)
The New Reborn
  • Make The Mother Plant Potion (500)
  • Revive The Mother Plant (2500)

This aspiration has new interactions to solve the mystery. They are 11, If you need help, you can read about them by opening the spoiler, don’t read it if you want to solve the mistery by yourself, even so it is easy:

Reward Trait:

When your sim completes this aspiration will earn The Resurrector Trait: This sim has the ability of resurrecting by returning the souls to this world with his inverted scythe, with this extraordinary power, he can play with the circle of life.

You now will have a Resurrection Power that is reduced by using the new Resurrector Interactions, it will recover by passing the time, when the power is drained you will have a buff dazed +6.

You will see a new piemenu called “Resurrector” in other sims with new interactions:
  • Resurrect: This only works with ghosts, you can now revive ghost sims, including pets if you have Cats and Dogs EP (There is an add-on for this). This will give you a happy buff +2 for 12 hours and to the resurrected sim too +3 for 24 hours. You will gain good reputation and relationship.
  • Extend Life: You can extend life to other sims, it means it will reset their life days to 0. You can do this once per sim, do it wisely. This will give an Energy buff to the Target Sim +2 for 12 hours and the sim will have an Energy Aura (Yellow Effect).
  • Next Life Stage: You can make a sim to go to his next life stage, it means the sim will grow up. You can do this once per sim, do it wisely.
  • Previous Life Stage: You can make a sim to go to his previous life stage, it means the sim will grow down. You can’t do this with Toddler and Children. You can do this once per sim, do it wisely.

If you want to know how it is, you can see it in the images gallery. They are organized by sequences "start" to "end".

Apart of that new piemenu, you will have another new interactions:
  • Talk About Mother Plant Resurrection: This is under Friendly Interactions, it will give Logic Skill to the Listener.
  • Give Key Card: This will give to the Target Sim a Key Card to give him the possibility of going inside The Secret Lab without resolving the mystery and, of course, it will give a Hazmat Suit too for precaution.
  • Revive Dead Mini Aliens: As Resurrector you can now resurrect these creatures. This will reduce your Resurrector Power, of course.

Whims System:

There are whims connected to the Resurrector Trait.
  • Use Resurrection Power: You need to use the new interactions like Revive Ghost, Extend Life and so (100).
  • Resurrect Ghost: As the name suggested, resurrect a Ghost (200).
  • Meet a Ghost: Find a ghost and choose an introdutcion interaction (25).

Required Game DLCs:

It is very important to note that this aspiration needs some DLCs. I will point out the essential ones, at least form what I have seen in the resources: StrangerVille, Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, Cats and Dogs (if you use the CAD add-on).


As it requires to try to revive the mother plant with the original interaction, it will override some XMLs:

Yes, the computers in The Secret Lab has its interactions through an object state so it needed to be overrided it, since making an injector it will be very breakable in the future patches and I don’t have the enough knowledge to mantain it, so it is better this way. You only need to pay attention to its resource, it is rare that another mod modifies it.

In the Aspiration Selection UI, you won’t see the 6 levels. Don’t worry, it is only a visual issue, since the Vanilla Aspirations tend to have a maximum of 4 levels.You will see everything in your sim's selected aspiration. By the way, I want to point out that the game has a limit of 6 levels per Aspiration and 4 Requiriments for level, tested by myself doing this aspiration, when you go beyond, it doesn’t work well.


These extras are optional, you can choose if use them. These optinal mods will tweak some parameters to some aspects of StrangerVille, they are minors, but as you know, the main purpose of this GP was very easy, so, I tweaked some of them to make them, at least, a little more difficult to reach. So, if you already have played StrangerVille, this can be a new way to play.

General StrangerVille Changes:
  • Request Key Card: It now requires 80 of friendship (20 before).
  • Bribe For Scanner: You have now to pay 2750 (750 before).
  • Fight For Scanner: You need at least Level 6 of Fitness Skill.
  • Judge Physical Condition: You need at least 5 Level to have more chance to success (the higher, the results are better).
  • Buy Hazmat Suit: You have now to pay 3000.
  • Make Cure Experimental: This is the first cure you make as experimental, it will have these requeriments “Requires: 5 Spore Clusters, 1 Bizarre Fruit and Level 5 of Logic Skill”.
  • Make Cure Final: The last cure, it will have these requeriments “Requires: 10 Spore Clusters, 3 Bizarre Fruits and Level 8 of Logic Skill”.
  • Recruit to Defeat Mother Plant: It now requires 80 of friendship.
  • Ask For Fruit to Mother Plant: It will have a cooldown of 1 day to ask for more.


It will override some XMLs from StrangerVille GP:

Whimsical Mother Plant:

This is a new system to request benefits to Mother Plant, you will have a new interaction called “Request to Mother Plant” and she will give you a request, you can success or you can fail, depending on your performance (Skill to be cleared). They will be chosen by the game randomly, they are the following ones:
  • Sing: The higher level of singing skill, the better results. In level 10 you will have only 5% of fail.
  • Tell A Joke: The higher level of comedy skill, the better results. In level 10 you will have only 5% of fail..
  • Tell A Story: The higher level of charisma skill, the better results. In level 10 you will have only 5% of fail..
  • Take Picture: Mother Plant will ask you to take a picture. It will always result succeed.
  • No Petition: She will let you choose freely.

If you want to know how it is, you can see it in the images gallery. They are organized by sequences "start" to "end".

Whimsical Mother Plant requires City Living for the Sing Part.


It will override some Mother Plant interactions:

Miscellaneous Section:


Do you want to translate this mod into your language? You can! and send it to me under comments section or via inbox. I will give the appropriate credits.
  • Thanks to nadia00030 for Russian Translation to Whimsical Mother Plant, The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration and General StrangerVille Changes.
  • Thanks to francislorenzi for Portuguese Translation to Whimsical Mother Plant, The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration and General StrangerVille Changes.

Additional Credits:
scumbumbo for his tools.