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CWC Base Game Tables Part I

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2019 at 11:35 AM
Okay, it feels like I'm finally starting to kick Custom Wood Collection production into gear! After a quick detour to post the Stark Inspiration Dining Chair and Milano Royale Dining Table as its own little thing, I'm happy to present Part One of the base game dining tables! I don't want to draw out these posts unnecessarily, but all the tables at once felt a little overwhelming, considering the number of recolours involved, so, Parts One and Two. This first set includes five tables in 16 CWC shades. Compressorized as always, clearly named, and all located in Surfaces / Tables.

NuMica Allinall Card Table §95
A little wood finish on the tabletop really dresses up this starter/budget standby!

FLATWOUD Dining Table by Iseeya §450
I like how this versatile table can swing from casual breakfast nook to a more formal vibe, depending on what you place with it.

Tablablanca from Simporters, Ltd. §690
Super cute table but not the easiest to match -- hopefully this retexture will help it find its way into more sims' homes.

Exploding Dragon Dining Table §755
Took a chance and went with neutral-yet-cheerful daisies on the corners. I think this would be a nice foyer table too, something to decorate a room with.

Manor House Paree Dining Table §1080
I toned the shine on this one down considerably so it'll match the upcoming chairs -- I may actually get some use out of it in my game now!

The chairs in the pics above will be posted soon, and the matching counters are available here. I really do hope y'all will find these useful. Thanks for having a look, and please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Garishly huge buckets of thanks to Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE!