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Island Living unlocked items pack | Over 20 items!

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Uploaded 24th Jun 2019 at 5:38 PM · Updated 27th Jun 2019 at 1:15 PM by iSandor

Hello simmers!

I bring to you guys today some unlocked items from Island Living!

In total, there are over than 20 objects, in three different categories:


- Ixora tree: §320
- Palm light: §250
- Hibicus tree: §180
- Bushy bush: §300
- Large shrub: §200
- Shurb: §180
- Lil flower: §150
- Coconut tree: §140
- Cacti!: §95
- Tree plumeria: §250
- Plumeria tree: §300

You can find all of those plants in this path (you can also find some of the through the build mode, in the tree category):


- Rock made of rocks: §8
- Rock arch: §680 (* in the picture, I had to size it down one time so it could fit in that lot).

The rocks can be found in the sculptures section (as shown in the picture below. You can also find it in the build mode).


- Bridge of Sulani: §450
- Timber bridge: §500
- Deco cloth line: §360
- Fish stand: §350
- Tiki 1.0: §380
- Tiki monument: §600
- Telephone pole: §150
- Hammock (* I used columns to suppor it): §250
- Water tower: §580
- Underwater photo (* I sized it up one time so we could see it clearer, but there's a picture of its original size in the gallery as well): §200

You can find all the above objects through these paths (decorations > sculptures > filter by custom content):

PS. The item with an "X" in it IS NOT included in this "pack".

Thanks for downloading!!!

There are pictures in the gallery of the items!

Happy simming!!

Style: Antique Retro Contemporary
Room: Living Bedroom Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Unlocked

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