World of WIPs - All Neighbourhoods Bulldozed

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2019 at 4:04 PM
Updated: 17th Aug 2022 at 4:07 PM
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World of WIPs (Work In Progress) is a save file with all neighbourhoods to date.
Each world is 100% bulldozed to give you ample building space.
I have evicted all of the townies from each of the worlds, and I haven't changed any of the lot names.
I did change some of the lot types from what they were originally, as I wanted to make sure I didn't have any icons/bubbles above the lots for the screenshots (some lots I couldn't change the type)

Some things to note:
  • In Strangerville, the game does not allow you to bulldoze the secret lab.
  • In Mt Komorebi, it is not possible to change the onsen to any other lot type.
  • Batuu has no available lots to bulldoze.
  • In Copperdale, it is not possible to change the high school and auditorium to any other lot type. The game would also not let me leave the high school lot without meeting the lot requirements. I have placed all the requirements in a room on the back left of the lot, so all you need to do is delete that room.

Even though this save file includes all worlds from all packs, apparently save files will work whether you own those packs or not, your game will just ignore the worlds you don't own.

It will not unlock worlds you don't own from packs you haven't purchased.

Install the save file here: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves

I renamed the file Slot_00000099 so as to not overwrite any of your other saves.

Worlds bulldozed:
Brindleton Bay, Del Sol Valley, Forgotten Hollow, Granite Falls, Magnolia Promenade, Newcrest (this is empty by default), Oasis Springs, San Myshuno, Selvodorada, Strangerville, Sulani, Willow Creek, Windenburg, Glimmerbrook, Britechester, Evergreen Harbor, Mt Komorebi, Henford-On-Bagley, Tartosa, Moonwood Mill, Copperdale