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Sims 4 Beekeeper Aspiration

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2019 at 3:42 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2020 at 12:09 PM by MarieLynette
Beekeeper Aspiration
This sim wants to explore the world of bees: looking after them, bonding with them, and even collecting and distributing their honey!

Found under Nature Category in CAS.

Reward Trait: Honey Hotshot
This sim is pretty bee smart! Making money from honey is something this sim has perfected!


There are four aspiration levels:
1) Bee Beginner
a) Own a Burtie's Bee Box
b) Change into Beekeeper Suit
c) Bond with Bees 15 Times
d) Collect Honey

2) Bee Bustler
a) Disturb Bees
b) Purchase Another Burtie's Bee Box
c) Collect Honey 10 Times
d) Sell Honey 6 Times

3) Bee Bro
a) Collect Bee Swarm 5 Times
b) Cheer Up Self with Bee Swarm
c) Use Bee Swarm to Pollinate Nearby Flowers 15 Times
d) Earn 3,000 Simoleons from Selling Honey

4) Bee BFF's
a) Purchase an Additional 3 Burtie's Bee Box
b) Send Bee Swarm to Fetch Gift
c) Earn 10,000 Simoleons from Selling Honey

You will be able to make some money from this aspiration!