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Shark Fight (Body Scar)

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2019 at 3:17 PM
This is some CC of a entire chest tattoo made to look like scars. While yes it doesn't LOOK like typical scarring from a shark attack it was named such since I initially made it as a private mod for myself. But I figured since there was a lack of scar mods that emulate the scarred look that the Get Famous scars emulate I thought it'd be interesting to submit for others!

This mod in particular takes up the lower back tattoo slot for compatibility with other tattoo mods like body hair and whatnot. This does mean that any sim that has a lower back tattoo can't use this scar package without losing the tattoo itself.

Installation's simple! Download the zip in the attached files, and extract it in your mods folder!

Hope you enjoy this simple mod!

As for permissions anyone is free to edit/tweak the texture to better suit their sims, just be sure to link back to me with the results!