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Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration - UPDATED

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2019 at 4:18 PM
Updated: 21st Nov 2019 at 10:37 PM

Portuguese added thanks to ArturLira
Still compatible with patch 12/11/2019 - PC

Update Notes
23/09 Spanish translation added to thanks to l_nere, beside that aspiration is still compatible with September patch
You can also find me on my twitter https://twitter.com/IlkaVelle and on my site:https://ilkavelle.wixsite.com/simsquest new mods available there.

29/08 French added thanks to Kimiko Soma from Maiagame (http://maiagame.fr/traductions-mods/#modsilkavelle)

19/08: As it turned out, some updating was required for custom aspirations with recent patches. Basically the system of task completion was slightly changed. As a result a task for custom aspiration could be completed even when you didn't use this particular aspiration.
Now I corrected this. My aspirations have been updated, task completion is fixed.
If you still find out some bugs - please report to me. It's so easy to miss something...

7/08/2019 : Chinese translation added thanks to xkx!!!
Also "show off" task will now complete when choosing both interactions: for showing off your pet and for showing off tricks.

This aspiration was created because I felt like existing Pet aspiration did not cover the topic for pet training part sufficiently. In real life it takes a lot of effort and learning to become animal behaviorist. In my aspiration, I tried to use as many activities from game that I could to reflect behaviorist skills, like for instance fundamental veterinarian knowledge that is necessary in many cases in real life. I hope you'll enjoy it!



Reward Trait: Behaviorist Wisdom: This trait unlocks 1 new interaction:
Comforting Talk ? it can be found under Friendly category. It fills up all pet?s needs but can be used only once per 12h.

English and Polish

Compatible with update: 08/08/2019 - PC

This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other mods.

Unzip it into your Mod folder. You need to enable script mods in your game to have this mod working.

Additional Credits:
Tools used: Sims4Studio, TS4 STBL Editor, Notepad ++