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The Realistic Reactions Mod

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 9th Aug 2019 at 4:56 PM
Updated: 26th Jul 2021 at 7:00 AM - 6/19/21: Various Bug Fixes, a few new features, and chinese translation
7/26/21 - Updated for Cottage Living/1.77 Patch.

6/19/21 - Updated with misc. fixes and a few new features, including an optional add on package file (requires the XML Injector mod: https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector) that adds computer interactions, such as rant about cheating partner online and for famous sims 3-5 star celebrity sims to interact with fans. This mod is being heavily edited, restructured, and worked on so more fixes and new features to come soon . Chinese Translation included by mency1129. Thank you, mency1129!!!

11/25/2020 - Updated to Fix LE & errors in MC Command Center log

11/14/2020 - Updated with Russian translation by Origamika and Portuguese translation by melqui1. Thank you Origamika and melqui1!

11/10/2020 - Updated for 11/10/20 Patch

10/31/2020 - Fixed an LE (Last Exception) that was occurring when loading saves with the mod and the buffs for children reacting to cheating not disappearing. Please keep reporting if you encounter any more and thank you all! [/B]

10/17/2020 - Updated with Chinese Translation by mency1129. Thank you, mency1129!!!

10/16/2020 - Updated with Russian Translation by Origamika. Thank you, Origamika!!!

Update 10/2020 - In this update, there have been a number of bug fixes for all the reactions included in this mod. The biggest change is to the reactions to cheating. Sims will no longer consider flirting to be "cheating." The base game's Flirty Spouse buff will still occur (meaning the sim's spouse will still react), but they will no longer declare their partners as cheaters when flirting. The Flirty sim's children will have new reactions if they see their parents flirting with other sims.

Also included, Portuguese Brazil translation by melqui1. Thank you, melqui1! (Working on learning the Sims 4 Translater so that translations can remain even as the mod updates)

Updated on 8/7/20 with Russian Translation Provided by Origamika. Thank you, Origamika!

Updates for 8/4/20:

- Fixes for Eco Lifestyle Patch Updates
- The feature for children reacting to their parent's cheating has been added back to the mod
- Autonomy for the confess to cheating interaction has been disabled by default since some users were experiencing an issue with the interaction being spammed repeatedly. A toggle has been added to the Realistic Reactions menu to turn on autonomy for Confess to Cheating.
- Fixes for various bugs

7/8/20: Updated with Russian Translation by Origamika and Chinese Translation by MMCCC

Updates for 7/1/20:

- Some coding used for testing was causing Sims to show "Cheated With" relationship, even if they have been monogamous. This has been corrected.

- Added toggles under the Realistic Reactions Menu to "Disable Flirty Spouse Cheating Reactions". With this option, the sims will still get the default game's flirty spouse buff, but will not get this mod's cheating buffs/interactions. Married/Partnered Sims will have to woohoo with others to be considered cheating

- When clicking on a Sim's partner/spouse/significant other, there is now an option under the Realistic Reactions Menu to "Remove Cheating Relationships With This Sim". This will remove the Cheated With and Unfaithful relationship bits.

Currently being worked on:
Adding autonomy and autonomy toggles
Options to turn on/off different parts of the mod you wish to use
Traits affecting reactions
New modules for the mod

The Realistic Reactions Mod:
The Realistic Reactions Mod for The Sims 4 is designed to overhaul how sims react to situations in the game. Currently, there are three categories included in this mod:

1. Cheating Overhaul
2. Overhaul to how Sims react when seeing family members fighting with one another
3. Sims reacting to teen pregnancy (if mods are installed to allow teens to get pregnant)

Due to the intensity of moodlets/buffs, you may wish to use with mods that disable emotional deaths. Previously, this mod was split into three individual modules. This has been cleaned up to now include one zip file containing one package and one script file, both of which should go in your Mods folder.

Please delete all previous Realistic Reactions files before installing this version! Due to updates in Mod Constructor, this version of the mod was completely rebuilt from the ground up, so all buffs from the previous version will be removed. Also, the current version is only available in English.

Changes made in the 6/23/20 Update:
- Combined all modules into one
- Added Toggles to turn on/off certain modules in the Realistic Reactions menu
- Update to fix LE's that were occurring from different aspects of the mod
- Autonomy for Confess to Cheating has been completely turned off. Sims will only confess if you select for Sims to do so
- Fixed accuracy so Sims should now only get cheating moodlets if they actually cheat
- New Interactions. For now, these do not have a toggle, but the next update will allow you to turn these interactions off if they do not want them in your game. The new interactions include a special menu for conversing with mixologists at the bar (similar to the one in The Sims 3), the ability to ask the parents of your bf/gf for their hand in marriage, and the ability for Sims with children to brag about them.
- The feature for children reacting to their parent's cheating is being perfected and has been removed (this will be added back in next update)

As always, this mod is being worked on and revised so thank you to everyone that has let error reports and mod suggestions in the comments!

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor Version 4