Mad Hatter Gothic Outfit and Hat an Aikea Guinea Texture Conversion New Meshes

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2019 at 2:49 PM
Updated: 27th Aug 2019 at 10:25 PM
Hi all!

Something a little different from me :-)
I don't know how many of you played The Sims 2, but anyways there was an AWESOME creator called Aikea Guinea, who made so much quality content. I feel the game is empty without her stuff, and I'm sure many of you will agree! So here is my contribution with one of my favourite textures that she did.
Here is a link to the original for The Sims 2 by: Aikea Guinea

The textures have been edited to fit the new mesh, but the texture work is entirely Aikea Guinea's. I just cleaned things up a bit and fitted them in place.

Also a special shout out to Sifix who looked at the mesh for me as I was having trouble with seams, that is why I have made this outfit with boots attached, because I had to make it with one cut number due to the issue, but it's fine now. If anyone wants a version with shoes, just let me know and I can do this :-)

I made a sim in The Sims 2: Viktor Gray, and he wore this outfit, and I decided to recreate him in The Sims 4, that's how I got about converting this texture. Link to The Sims 2 version of my Viktor Gray can be found in the related downloads.

I felt this deserved special treatment, so I've created two new meshes! The outfit mesh is a complete edit of the base game long coat. I remapped parts of the uv and added a pair of base game boots to the mesh also. The Top hat is a reshaped version of the sims top hat. I was originally going to recolour PralineSims top hat, but it wasn't mapped out for a pattern to be added. So I made this one quite similar, but the uv is mapped out so that details can be put around it. The hat has a shadow map as well, I just imported one from the game and it works perfectly!

Outfit Category: Full body outfit. Found in: everyday, formal, party, career, retail, hot weather, cold weather.
Gender: Male
Ages: teen, young adult, adult, elder
Custom thumbnails.
8 colour options.

Hat: Hat category (of course) Found in: everyday, formal, party, hot weather and cold weather.
Gender: Male (should work for females too)
Ages: teen, young adult, adult and elder.
Custom Thumbnail.
7 colour options.

Aikea Guinea's policy allows people to modify her work and share it, so I'm not breaking her TOU sharing this :-)

Colour Options:


Polygon Counts:

LOD0: Vertices: 3033 Polygons: 4682
LOD1: Vertices: 3033 Polygons: 4682
LOD2: Vertices: 2242 Polygons: 3277
LOD3: Vertices: 1455 Polygons: 1966


LOD0: Vertices: 536 Polygons: 784
LOD1: Vertices: 536 Polygons: 784
LOD2: Vertices: 536 Polygons: 784
LOD3: Vertices: 536 Polygons: 784

Additional Credits:
The Original creator of the texture:

For the Skin texture and skin details:

For the hair: