Parties, Clubs, and Weddings Anywhere Mod

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2019 at 8:03 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2022 at 6:11 PM - added high school 1.90 patch
Update 08/09/2022: Now updated for patch 1.90, with added High School for clubs as well!
Update 06/24/2022: Still patch 1.89, but added My Wedding Stories as well!
Update 06/16/2022: Now updated for patch 1.89 with added toddler play dates and clubs on the temple and the rentable lots as requested!
Update 12/06/2021: Now updated for patch 1.82!
Update 03/28/2021: Now updated for patch 1.72!
Update 10/23/2020: Now updated for patch 1.67 and includes Ep 08 (Discover University)!

This mod originally made by Shimrod101 here at MTS, who has been MIA for years, has been updated by me to patch 1.53 per MTS policy. This mod allows your sims to have parties, clubs, and weddings anywhere! Including generic venues. This gives you more freedom in creating parties, clubs, and wedding ceremonies for pictures, interactions and more! Works with patch 1.53 and Island Living. Should work with patch 1.52 as well.

Now updated for EP and SP parties! This includes the Base Game, EP 06 (Get Famous), Ep 07 (Island Living), and SP 04 (Spooky Stuff).

Original text under spoiler:

Any mod that edits venue tunings would be incompatible with this mod. Same with any of the situation party tunings.

There are five files, one that includes all the EPs and SPs (labelled All), one for the base game, one for EP 06, one for EP 07, and one for SP 04. You can mix and match them all except for the All one.


Additional Credits:
Shimrod101 on MTS