Meet Sims Faster and Gain Work or School Performance

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2019 at 6:24 PM
Updated: 12th Dec 2021 at 7:01 PM - update for patch 1.82
Update 12/12/2021: Condensed this into one package for uni and bgc for patch 1.82! Will work even if you don't have uni, it just won't do the uni portion of it. <3
Update 06/04/2020: Okay, so redid these a bit. Updated for patch 1.63. Now you can have the university tones gain performance faster and have more fun and socializing! File labeled Uni requires University! File labeled ALL has meet sims faster, gain work/school performance, have more fun and social, normal faster tone, and Uni tones as mentioned above. File labeled NoUni has everything in the ALL file minus the Uni edits.

Hello! This is an XML tuning mod I made that has been on my tumblr for a while now, and I just updated it a week or so ago for patch 1.53. Now, at work and school, you can socialize and meet more sims faster while gaining performance (instead of losing it which is default).

And when your sim is working normally, they will gain performance faster.

Bonus: You can use these two mods together!

They will not conflict with each other. However, these will conflict with any mods that edit the CareerTone_Social_MakeFriends, CareerTone_Social_SocializeWithCoworkers, and the Career_Tone_Normal XMLs.

The meet Sims mods adds the value "<T n="performance_multiplier">1.5</T>" from 0 and edits the max Sims met to 5 from 1. This way you gain performance instead of losing some and you meet more sims. I may make more versions with meeting less than 5 but more than 1, as sometimes the 5 might be too many sims.

The normal Tone mod adds the value "<T n="performance_multiplier">1.5</T>" that was not there before (there was no value like that in the xml prior, I just added it).