Functional filthy dryer and filthy washing machine

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2019 at 4:38 PM
Updated: 7th Oct 2019 at 8:18 PM by Gackt-Sama
UPDATED: 11th of august 2019
colors for the washing machine available!
Please remove old package and download again to get the new colors

What's New?
I love it! But could you please make a version without blood?

I heard you Annie here you go:

You will now find a green layer of... of... I don't know and I guess we really don't want to
While I took the 'request' to make a little change I decided to also go with a few new colors
The new colors are also available for the washing machine with the bloody stains
No extra package it's all in one! you're getting green and red layers

That's all so far you might want to go with the image section to see more

Hello fellas

This is actually my first creation constructive critique is welcome
But now let us talk about those objects

Dryer & Washing machine

Dryer unfortunatley just comes in this color (feel free to change it )

Both are functional and can be used if you own and installed the laundry pack of sims 4
you can find them in the catalog under:
appliances -> miscellaneous & entertainment -> indoor activity
both are 70$ each

you should be able to find them under the names:

English: 'Filthy Washing machine/Dryer'
German: 'Siffige/r Waschmachine/Trockner'
Italien: 'Lavatrice/Asciugatrice sporca'
Russian: 'Грязная стиральная машина/сушилка'
Spanish: 'Lavadora/Secadora sucia'
French: 'Machine à laver sale/Sale séchoir'

I'm still not much of a brain when it comes to modding (hopefully soon)

  • Sims Will open and close the hatch but so far the doors themselves don't have an animation for that so optically they will stay shut

  • I wasn't able to adjust the light animations so they might be in the wrong place which has no influence on the function

  • After putting the laundry in the washing machine, the machine appears to be empty for some unknown reason, the laundry can be seen again when the machine is in washing progress -again- just optically the machine is loaded and the laundry is ready for a wash

  • They do the typically washing and drying noises and have animations when running

Psssht.... I'm just leaving a screenshot here

hope you're going to enjoy it anyways

Polygon Counts:
LOD0: 752V | 902P
LOD1: 752V | 902P
LOD2: 752V | 902P
LOD0Shadow: 748V | 900P
LOD1Shadow: 748V | 900P
LOD2Shadow: 748V | 900P

Washing machine:
LOD0: 773V | 904P
LOD1: 773V | 904P
LOD2: 773V | 904P
LOD0Shadow: 769V | 902P
LOD1Shadow: 769V | 902P
LOD2Shadow: 769V | 902P