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Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2019 at 5:06 PM
Updated: 23rd Mar 2023 at 11:23 PM
3/23/2023 Updated & tested working with version 1.96.365

This mod had finally been updated after 2+ years! I plan on adding/changing some aspects of this mod to improve gameplay and reflect some of the new content that has been added into the game since my hiatus, stay tuned!

This Aspiration can be played along with my Baker Trait mod and Sweets & Treats Bakery lot to add some depth to playing with sims who love to bake! This aspiration allows your sim to rise from a novice baker selling cupcakes in their kitchen to a world famous pastry chef with their very own bakery and a celebrity tile in Starlight Boulevard!

Famous Pastry Chef: This sim wants to master the art of baking and become a famous pastry chef!
Reward Trait: World-Renowned Baker (Adds Fresh Chef and Unstoppable Fame traits) This sim has earned a place in the Culinary history books! All prepared food is high quality and never spoils! Their fame is immortalized and incapable of fame decay over time.

Tips for gaining Fame Points and winning an Award as a Baker/Pastry Chef:
  • If you craft Excellent quality cupcakes you can use the 'Sell to Local Bakery' interaction to earn Simoleons and gain fame
  • Record your sim baking/cooking with a drone and you can upload these on the Video Station to gain fame and for a chance to be nominated for an Award
  • Once your sim reaches Culinary career level 8 they can write a Cook Book and publish it for a chance to be nominated for an Award
I have also included additional information/tips for objectives when you hover your mouse over the text of an objective.

1) Half Baked
Watch 4 Hours of Cooking TV
Buy a Cupcake Machine
Bake 6 Cupcakes
Achieve Level 5 Baking

2) Whisked Away
Bake 10 Pastries
Volunteer at a Bake Sale
Research Advanced Cooking Techniques
Achieve Level 10 Baking

3) Selling Like Hotcakes
]Earn Gold on 2 Fan Meet & Greet Events
Reach Level 8 of the Culinary Career
Buy a Bakery (Retail Lot) (If you need a bakery, you can download my Sweets & Treats Bakery lot here!)
Become a 3 Star Celebrity

4) Life Is Sweet
Earn Gold at a Hosted Charity Benefit
Become a 5 Star Celebrity
Win an Award at the Starlight Accolades
Place a Celebrity Tile in Starlight Boulevard

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor V5
Additional Credits:
braville's French translation
AN_Gel's Russian translation
melqui1's Portuguese translation

Built with game version: 1.54.120
Tested working with game version: 1.96.365