No More CC Wrench Mod PERIOD

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2019 at 6:53 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2024 at 11:44 PM - compatible patch update 1.106/1.107
Update 06/09/2024: Updated for patch 1.106/1.107! Sorry for the delay, real life got in my way. Thanks for waiting!
Update 12/22/2023: Updated for patch 1.103!
Update 07/22/2023: Compatible with Horse Ranch expansion pack!
Update 07/19/2023: Compatible with patch 1.99!
Update 06/11/2023: Updated for patch 1.98!
Update 03/14/2023: Updated for patch 1.96!
Update 02/02/2023: Updated for patch 1.95!
Update 10/17/2022: Updated for patch 1.92!
Update 09/03/2022: Updated for patch 1.91!
Update 07/29/2022: Updated for patch 1.90!
Update 06/16/2022: Compatible with patch 1.89!
Update 12/12/2021: Compatible with patch 1.82.
Update 11/08/2021: Updated for patch 1.81, please redownload!
Update 07/22/2021: Updated for patch 1.77, please redownload!
Update 05/27/2021: Updated for patch 1.75, please redownload!

Original Post:
Guys! I updated the No CC Wrench mod. After a lot of trial and error, I figure out how to do it.

I ended up making my own separate mod for it, and now it completely removes the CC wrench in CAS with no more UI errors.

Yay! (See above picture.)

A lot of older versions of this mod, like the one on S4S and the one that used to be on MTS, are no longer updated and break the UI in the game. Minor /cosmetic issues, but it is still better to have a fixed version of this than a broken one. I can make other versions of it if requested, however, this just completely removes the CC wrench icon, in CAS, on swatches, in BuildBuy, and wherever else it was found, it is now gone.

This is for patch 1.59. This mod is compatible with it and any other EPs, GPs, and SPs. It will conflict with any other versions of the CC Wrench remover. Do not use this one for patches prior to 1.59, it will not work!

I hope you enjoy your clean UI now!