Aquarium Counter Island Base

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2019 at 3:43 AM
Are you looking for something totally new for you kitchen? Something with a touch of nature to it? How about a new counter with a built in aquarium?
Aquarium Counter Island Base makes building your own custom kitchen island a breeze. All you need is the Aquarium counter base and Floating Counters.
Set up the counters, where you want your kitchen island to be and the place the Aquarium base beneath. Add you choice of fish and lighting and you're done.
It's that easy!
The aquarium base is fully functional, allowing you to purchase fish, set lighting intensity and hue just like a normal aquarium, with the added plus of letting you to set up fully operational
counters to hold you fave appliances, lights and decorations.
Why you can even install a working sink or two!
Looking to make yourself a comfy spot outdoors where you can maybe do a little cooking too?
Aquarium counter islands integrate easily into natural settings.
The aquarium base can also be used by itself. With two slots free for decor, you can give it your own personal touch.

Floating Counters are available at :
It is easier to place floating counters into position first and then add the aquarium base beneath them, Always make sure that the counters counters point outwards so the Sim can interact with it.

The Aquarium counter base will not impede Sims walking when it is used by itself.

The Aquarium Counter Island Base can be found in; Activities and Skills under outdoors (The picture of a potted plant).

The price is :250 Simoleons

Made with Version: PC

Tested with Version:PC

Special thanks to:Katiekitten28 for the idea and help with testing.

Polygon Counts:
Lod O Hi : 806 Poly
Lod 1 Med: 554 Poly

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Original Maxis mesh by EA
Gimp 2