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Sims 4: Three Mermaid Aspirations

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2019 at 3:44 PM
Updated: 11th Apr 2020 at 6:41 PM by MarieLynette
I have created three new sims 4 mermaid aspirations. You will be able to download one package file containting all three aspirations (MERGED), or you will be able to pick and choose and download the aspirations you want individually.

These aspirations all need Seasons and Island Living expansions.

Siren Aspiration
A siren wants to use their mermaid powers and enchanting voice to lure sims, either for seduction, or something much more dangerous?

Found under Deviance Category in CAS.

Reward Trait: Hypnotising
This sim has everybody wrapped around their finger. Others are hypnotised by them! Mischief and charisma skills increase faster (both 1.4x increase), and fun and energy needs dedcay slower (both 0.6x slower decay).
- comes with new buffs.

There are four aspiration levels:

1) Siren Power
a) Be a Mermaid
b) Call a Rain Storm
c) Perform 12 Mean Interactions
d) Reach Level 3 Mischief

2) Siren Lust
a) Peform Charmer Lullaby on 3 sims
b) Mermaid's Kiss 5 Times (with different sims)
C) Call 3 Thunder Storms
d) Woohoo with 3 Different Sims

3) Siren Call
a) Make 5 Sims Sad with the Requiem Lullaby
b) Spitefully Splash a Dolphin
c) Make a Sim Stressed with the Question Lullaby
d) Perform a Siren's Call

4) Siren Control
a) Have 3 Enemies
b) Perform 10 Mischievous Interactions
c) Perform Siren's Call on 5 Different Sims
d) Summon 15 Ocean Threats

Ariel Aspiration
This sim is proud of their underwater life, but also desperate to be part of your world.

Found under Love Category in CAS.

Reward Trait: Winner
This sim was caught between two worlds, but has managed to find the perfect balance for them. Determined to have the life they dreamt of, despite the obstacles, this sim is as strong as they come. Fun and hydration needs decay slower (both 0.6x slower decay) and charisma increases faster (1.4x increase)!
- comes with new buffs.

There are four aspiration levels:

1) Under the Sea
a) Be a Mermaid
b) Go Searching for Treaure Underwater 8 Times
c) Change the Weather 2 Times
d) Sleep in the Water 3 Times

2) Kiss the Girl
a) Play with Dolphin Friend (10 Times)
b) Sing Lullabies to Crush (3 Times)
c) Kiss a Human Sim
d) Complete 12 Romantic Interactions with Human Sim

3) Poor Unfortunate Souls
a) Ask Human Sim to be Boyfriend or Girlfriend
b) Talk to Fish (3 Times)
c) Argue with Partner
d) Take Underwater Photos (5 Times)

4) Part of Your World
a) Collect 10 Seashells
b) Get Married to Human Sim
c) Have a Child with Spouse
d) Kiss Spouse in Water

Mermaid Experience Aspiration
This sim wants to understand and experience everything it is to be a mermaid!

Found under Knowledge Category in CAS.

Reward Trait: United with Nature
In the very core of this sim?s being, they are deeply bonded to nature. Nature skills are learnt faster (1.6x increase), and energy and hydration needs decay slower (energy: 0.8x slower decay, hydration: 0.6x slower decay).
- comes with new buffs.

There are four aspiration levels:

1) Mermaid Newbie
a) Be a Mermaid
b) Talk to Fish (2 Times)
c) Call Sunny Skies (3 Times)
d) Free Dive

2) Ocean Explorer
a) Purchase Diving Gear (3 Things)
b) Treasure Hunt 6 Times
c) Sing Lullabies to 5 Different Sims
d) Sleep in the Water 3 Times

3) Ocean Familiar
a) Ask Dolphin for Tricks (5 Times)
b) Take 15 Underwater Photos
c) Perform a Mermaid's Kiss
d) Impersonate Merfolk to 3 Different Sims

4) Mermaid Legend
a) Use Aquatic Lure
b) Earn 5000 Simoleons from Selling Treasure
c) Complete Seashell Collection