Sims 4 Astronaut Aspiration

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Sims 4 Astronaut Aspiration:
Who doesn't dream of going to space? This sim wants to become an astronaut and explore the great galaxy.

This aspiration is base game compatible.

Found under Athletic Category in CAS.

There are four aspiration levels:

1) Sky Admirer

a) Join Astronaut Career [50 Satisfaction Points]

b) Be Focused at Work 3 Times [100 Satisfaction Points]

c) Observe the Sky (2 Times) [150 Satisfaction Points]

d) Play Chess 10 Times [200 Satisfaction Points]

2) Universe Searcher

a) Enthuse 5 Sims About Space [250 Satisfaction Points]

b) Reach Level 5 Logic Skill [300 Satisfaction Points]

c) Earn a Promotion [350 Satisfaction Points]

d) Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill [400 Satisfaction Points]

3) Galaxy Explorer

a) Go to Work 8 Times [450 Satisfaction Points]

b) Track Satellites on Telescope (5 Times) [500 Satisfaction Points]

c) Reach Level 7 Astronaut Career [550 Satisfaction Points]

d) Search for the Truth [600 Satisfaction Points]

4) Space Traveller

a) Build Own Rocket Ship [650 Satisfaction Points]

b) Explore Space (10 Times) [700 Satisfaction Points]

c) Max Fitness Skill [750 Satisfaction Points]

d) Reach the Top of the Astronaut Career [800 Satisfaction Points]

Reward Trait: Space Traveller

This sim is an experienced space traveller, and has seen things that many can only dream of.

Space Traveller Trait Statistic Modifiers:

- Rocket Science Skill 1.6x faster increase, Logic Skill 1.4x faster increase, Fun need 1.4x faster increase, Energy need 0.6x slower decay & Social need 0.4x slower decay.

Space Traveller Trait comes with 9 new buffs:

Space Work +1 Happy

Being an astronaut is so rewarding, {0.SimFirstName} finds every day at work a new adventure.

Gazing into the Deep Beyond +2 Inspired

{0.SimFirstName} deeply enjoys taking some time to use the telescope and gaze up into the universe.

Chess Skills +1 Focused

{0.SimFirstName} worked on {M0.his}{F0.her} chess skills. To be an astronaut, you must keep your logic skill in check!

Satellite Stalking +1 Focused

{0.SimFirstName} tracked some satellites. Hmm... Where are you going satellite?

It?s Rocket Science! +1 Focused

If {0.SimFirstName} wants to keep exploring space, keeping on top of {M0.his}{F0.her} rocket science knowledge is a clever idea!

Space Adventure +2 Happy

{0.SimFirstName} is currently out in space experiencing all it has to offer and having adventures! What will {M0.he}{F0.she} discover today?

Stars +2 Inspired

{0.SimFirstName} is currently stargazing and is trying to take it all in...

Space Thoughts +2 Inspired

{0.SimFirstName}'s brain is currently full of thoughts of space. There are so many unanswered questions...

Feeling Watched +1 Uncomfortable

{0.SimFirstName} has a weird feeling {M0.he}{F0.she}'s being watched by aliens...