More/bigger slots for Realm of Magic furniture

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2019 at 3:30 PM
This post includes overrides for the following items:
  • Crystal Garden Hearth
  • Incantation Escritoire
  • Q&A Curio Case
  • Mandrake Bookcase
  • Spellbound Bookcase

I wanted to place some clutter on these bigger furniture items, but was a little disappointed that some of them only have a few slots for clutter with a small footprint or don't even have any slots at all. There are ways to work around this in the game ofcourse, but I figured I would just add a bunch of slots and share it with the world to save us all some trouble in the game!

What is in this override?

Crystal Garden Hearth
I added medium slots around the entire hearth, so now you can place items with a medium footprint (like bigger plants and crystals) in the middle or in any of the other slots, instead of only on the two corners
I added small slots around the corners, to display some smaller items

Incantation Escritoire
I added a lot of slots on top of this escritoire, because it felt like a nice place to display some ingredients for potions and other small items
I added a couple of slots in the escritoire, for example for some small items, or a wand

Q&A Curio Case
I changed the 4 original small slots into medium slots, so now you have a lot more possibilities to show off larger items, like the bigger crystals or even gnomes if you size them down a bit!
I added a couple of small slots in the cabinets so you can place more than 1 item in them
I added a couple of slots on top of the curio case

Mandrake Bookcase
I added a couple of slots on top of the bookcase

Spellbound Bookcase
I added a couple of slots on top of the bookcase
The 3-tile bookcase had some weird slots behind the bookcase, which I deleted

Download instructions and compatibility:
Either download the combined file (RealmOfMagic_MoreSlots) or only download the separate files if you do not wish to use all 5 item overrides.
This file is an override and will not conflict with any other mods, unless you have another override for one of these 5 items installed.

Game version:
Tested with PC / Mac

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio