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Empty Get to Work Bookshelves with Slots

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2019 at 12:08 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2020 at 1:34 PM

I've decluttered each bookshelf from Get to Work and added a number of slots to place your own clutter.

(There is one missing bookshelf, the one unlocked through gameplay. I'm having an issue with the texture. I will update if/when I figure it out)

This is not a replacer, it will add new objects

Shelves altered:
1 - Omibul's Omnibus Bookshelf - $295 - (slots: 2 large, 12 medium, 60 small)
2 - Libraer: The Best Bookcase - $1,675 - (slots: 24 medium, 136 small)
3 - The Bibliophile's Bookcase - $865 - (slots: 30 medium, 110 small)

They can all appropriately be found in: Surfaces > Displays

Polygon Counts:
Omibul's Omnibus Bookshelf:
High LOD: 119 : Shadow LOD: 110
Medium LOD: 107 ; Shadow LOD: 87
Low LOD: There is no low LOD for this item
Libraer: The Best Bookcase:
High LOD: 752 ; Shadow LOD: 736
Medium LOD: 484 ; Shadow LOD: 468
Low LOD: 286 ; Shadow LOD: 270
The Bibliophile's Bookcase:
High LOD: 174 ; Shadow LOD: 148
Medium LOD: There is no medium LOD for this item
Low LOD: There is no low LOD for this item

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio