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NCI - Nippon Park (No CC)

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Uploaded 4th Oct 2019 at 4:52 AM · Updated 22nd Oct 2019 at 4:42 AM by d_dgjdhh

If your Sim is looking for a tourist attraction for your town, or maybe you're looking for a high poly count lot courtesy of Maxis' detailed trees, then this may be the ticket for you! Introducing another recent creation by the peculiar folks from NCI. It's Nippon Park!

This lot features a few amenities for visiting Sims. It includes a mahjong table, a place to sip tea, a round fire in the middle of the building. And if your Sims want to compete in some ancient traditional log rolling (doubtful...I mean the ancient part, lol), they may do so. Do check out the images to find out what it's like!

This property used Chris Hatch's Lot Cleaner prior to packaging. Was not handled by Sims who you might see in the images.

Lot Price: §233,034
Lot Size: 4 x 5

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Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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