New Random Names

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2019 at 6:01 PM
Updated: 12th Sep 2022 at 1:40 PM - No update, just changed compatibility to 1.91
You NEED the last game version (or at least a game version compatible with this mod's last dlc update) otherwise it will have glitches like missing last names or everyone being called the same thing.

Update changes
1.6: Updated for Cottage Living.
Added more Fox names
Removed "townies and" from this mod name because this mod name is a mess. (File name is still the same)

Bored when you look to a townie name or try randomizing it and it have the same name and last name all the time? This mod will help you with that! It will add more names to the random button (for humans, pets, robots...) and to the townies of your game from all around the world, like French, Itallian, english, latinos and others names with compatibility to all game languages

It have mainly English, French, Asian, Italian and Latino names, but still have from the other ones.
It have:
4603 female names
3692 male names
8069 last names
600 pet names
More names for each familiar (just a fusion of some names from all regions with some filtering)
450 Island Living male, female and last names (for the npcs generated on Island Living)
2200 indian, latin, morrocan and japanese names (not sure where the game use it, I guess City Living and Jungle Adventures.)
120 skeletons names and last names
More names for robots

(Some names will still looks weird, mainly because the game generate sims with special names for some specific reasons.)

But what names it have?



Last names

Female Cats and Dogs
(It's almost the same with small differences, version 1.32 add more different names for each.)

Male Cats and Dogs
(It's almost the same with small differences, version 1.32 add more different names for each.)

Cats and Dogs use the same last names of the humans.
There's more names for Familiars, skeletons, DLC stuff and etc but I decided to leave it to not make this a Spoiler button mess.

Anything that touch the game names like this.
(also know as those files:

It don't seems to lag anything in my game, but games with a weak processors may have issues in generating new sims and clicking the random button.