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Candid T-Rex S7i Camera & Tripod - 15 Colors!

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2019 at 7:44 AM
Updated: 26th Oct 2019 at 6:07 AM - Updated Pics
Hi Guys!

It kinda annoyed me that the best looking camera for the tripod only had 1 color, & the tripod only had 3, so I decided to fix that among other issues I had.

I fixed the textures & added a metallic shine to both, & also added a layer of glass to the lens & LED screen. (The camera is unlocked by default.)

These items use the "Can You See Me Now?" Camera, & the "Fashion Studio Photography Tripod", & requires Island Living & Moschino Stuff.

Both come in 15 colors, with 2 variants each & the tripod has 3 extra variants.

Can be found under "Hobbies & Activities" in the Misc. area.

Camera - 2,900 Simoleons
Tripod - 890 Simoleons

(Note: The camera had a swatch glitch, where it reverted a swatch back to the original texture, but I'm sure I fixed it. Any issues, let me know.)

P.S. I added my new logo to the bottom right of the catalog thumbnails, for easy finding!


Additional Credits:
Credit goes to EA for the mesh.
"Candid" logo by me.
Made with The Sims 4 Studio, Blender & Photoshop.