Magical Tattoos (triquetra and pentacle)

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Uploaded 4th Nov 2019 at 6:53 PM


I'm sorry I wanted to upload on October 31st
but I attended the reading of my favorite thriller author Sebastian Fitzek that night and got home very late
and then I was too tired hope you can forgive me 🙈

It's a pair of tattoos for your sims
one for the neck and one for the leg
(it rhymes thihi )

the neck one is a so called triquetra and the other one is a pentacle of course
you can download in a set or just one your choice

pssst leaving screenshots here

But now let's go see the details
  • They're for both genders
  • Just in black
  • It?s an upper back tattoo
  • You?re going to find them in the ?tattoo? section in CAS
  • Random townies are able to wear them

  • They are basegame compatible

I hope you're enjoying them
and of course you're free to recolor again

Additional Credits:
Used: Sims4Studio, Photoshop