Environmental Scientist Career

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Update Log:
~ 25th November, 2021 ~ Added Mexican Spanish translation. Updated Spanish translation.
~ 18th November, 2021 ~ Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.

This has been sitting on my computer for about three months now, so I think it's time I uploaded it!

This is an Environmental Scientist Career, for sims who are climate-conscious. This does not override the EA Science career.

For this career to show up, you will need the Nraas Careers Mod .
This career was made with Patch 1.69 and is in English and supports translations in French, Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Brazillian Portuguese. If you're interested in translating this career, there are instructions at the bottom of the page.

The career is based at the Science Lab and has seven levels.
There are no uniforms for this career. You can edit career outfits with Patch 1.31 and above, so I highly suggest using this feature to give your Sims a uniform of your own choosing.
There are 13 Opportunities available.
Your Sim may receive a bonus on Snowflake Day if Seasons is installed.
There is no boss for level 10 of the career.
There is one custom tone; Study the Environment, which builds the Science skill.
You will need University Life for this career to work as intended.

Join Text ~ The world is ours to love and cherish, ‘till death do we part. Sadly, Sims in this world are abusing its facilities and it is up to the Environmental Scientists to save the planet as we know it. Do you have what it takes to educate the masses? To clear up the mess left behind by Sims gone by?

The Levels

1. Environmental Consultant ~ These days, so few Sims seem to care about their surroundings and the impact they have on their local town and its environment. As a Environmental Consultant, {0.SimName} will be able to minimise the damage done to the environment when new building work commences. This position involves a variety of office based work and site visits so be prepared for anything.
9.00am ~ 6.00pm

2. Conservation Officer ~ With so many developments taking place all around the globe, more and more precious land is being lost. Woodlands, moorlands, lakes and other precious ecosystems are on the decline and it's up to Conservation Officers like {0.SimName} to work hard to minimise the damage done to the local and global environment.
9.00am ~ 6.00pm

3. Engineer ~ With so little concern for the welfare of the local eco systems, environmental engineers like {0.SimName} have their work cut out for them. Practical solutions need to be developed for basic problems like climate change, population growth, deforestation and, of course, energy. With a background in engineering and science, {0.SimName} joins a team of talented and capable engineers to start producing those solutions.
9.00am ~ 5.00pm

4. Waste Management Officer ~ So many Sims have no consideration over where they leave their waste. Waste Management Officers will help tidy up the local area by encouraging recycling waste and supervising the transportation of said waste. It might not be the most scintillating job but {0.SimName} knows it's an important one.
9.00am ~ 5.00pm

5. Sustainability Consultant ~ Most businesses don't have an environmental conscience. In this day and age, the local residents are insisting on more being done to protect the environment and that's where the Sustainability Consultant arrives. The biggest challenge in this job is getting local businesses to care about the environment. {0.SimName} will need to be gently persuasive with facts and figures at his/her fingertips.
9.00am ~ 5.00pm

6. Education Officer ~ It's all very well solving the problems created by Sims all around the world but it would be better to prevent rather than cure? That is, educate the masses about the world and how to care for it. By working in schools, universities and nature reserves, {0.SimFirstName} can be the driving force behind the residents of {TownName} observing their surroundings and looking after the little piece of the world they belong to.
9.00am ~ 1.00pm

7. Environmental Manager ~ With a large number of businesses and organisations now monitoring their carbon footprint, {0.SimName}'s job is to ensure they stick to it! Many of the organisations have the good intentions but maybe they could improve the way they implement them?
10.00am ~ 3.00pm


I'm not fluent enough in any other languages to translate, so if you're interested in translating this career into your own language, please download the Language Strings file and open in up in Notepad.
<STR>Translate This Text</STR>

Do this for the entire file, then attach the translation to a comment and I'll update as soon as possible.
The career has been tested but if you do run into any problems, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Additional Credits:
Twallan for the Careers mod
The NRaas team for keeping the mods updated
Arsil for his help with coding Opportunities
Desiree and Lbillusion for testing the mod.
SecretX, Lessien Vardamir, Norn, Bohdan Wayne, Wantanabe1989, Inma, Tyaaa and Nyvielz for the translations.