Spirit fading notification shows first AND last name

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2019 at 6:06 PM
Hello and welcome to my first mod ever!

Why does this mod exist?
Being a legacy player I always found it important to make sure that as little of my sims as possible would be culled by the game and deleted. Who doesn't love having graveyards full of ghosts! Except, it had gotten to the point where I have 200+ sims and I don't remember them all, and there are multiple family names woven into the tree. Up comes the notification that "Audrey" is fading away and I am left checking my entire family tree for all the possible Audrey's that were once born, clicking all the graves and making sure all of them have been recently "strengthened." Sometimes I'm even left wondering whether this was one of my sims in the first place, or just a random townie my sims once knew.

Until that faithful day when I had enough (yesterday), and I decided to dive into the game's strings to change this. And here we are! Now the notification will show the Sim's first AND last name, making it easier to see who is fading away! Now I know it's Audrey Morrison, and it just makes it ten times easier to locate her grave and make sure she and her family don't get yeeted into the void.

I figured why not share it in case anyone else has this issue!

What does this mod exactly do?
In short, it changes a single string (text entry) in the game. Instead of showing the sim's first name, it now also shows their last name.

Why is this useful?
If you're like me and you have 200 sims, 7 different surnames, and want to maintain all their spirits, you probably know the feeling of having to search for the right sims.
But this mod can also be useful if you find yourself doubting whether it's a townie/NPC or one of your own sims, given the portrait of a ghost is hella unclear and names can be super common.
Either way, it just adds a little more clarity as to who is fading into irrelevance.

Conflicts/New versions
This mod will conflict with anything that changes this specific string. I have searched and searched but never found another mod that does this, so off the top of my head I can't think of anything that will start a fight with my mod.
This mod was made and tested with game version I do not think it will ever need an update as it's just a simple string edit.
This mod will be obsolete if Maxis ever decides to change this themselves.