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Post-Industrial Series: Former Archive (Starter, no CC)

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2019 at 1:40 AM
I'm coming back with another creation from the series.

This time, we're going to get to know another former industrial building: The Archive turned into a small house.

It was built in 1946 and served different functions throughout the decades, but was primarily designed to be an archive building for one of the local factories. It served as a workplace for some of the administrative workers. Due to its nature, it used to be very well guarded.

After all the factories started producing less and less, the archive was moved elsewhere. This is when one of the Textile Mill foreworkers lived for a few years, which made her the first full-time inhabitant of this house. Nevertheless, the Textile Mill ended up going bankrupt as well, and then this building remained abandoned. However, unlike the larger buildings, such as the earlier mentioned Textile Mill workshop building, it was relatively easy to sell, as it was small and did not require too much of maintenance. It ended up frequently changing owners, and as of today, it is empty. It also did not suffer as much damage as many other workplaces from the period, this is why it is still completely safe to live in despite all these years that have passed.

Now, it serves a great role of a small budget house perfect for a nature enthusiast who does not need much in his or her life, is preferably a loner, and is also fascinated by the local history.

Amenities/rooms list:
Living room/small kitchen (downstairs)
Bedroom (upstairs)
Small bathroom (upstairs)
Fishing pond

The building has no custom content and is built within the 20k budget. It is fully furnished, and all the basic furniture for one sim is included.

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price (furnished): 19869