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"Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin" - Romy Schneider

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2019 at 5:15 PM
This wonderful girl is the heroine of the film "Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin", Elisabeth of Bavaria.
Initially, this is my attempt to make a historical character based on publicly available pictures and photos of a movie actress performing her in a movie. I wanted to make my simka look like actress Romy Schneider. It may not have been very similar, but I tried
How do you like her !?

Custom Content by Me:
- Empress Sissi

Custom Content Included:
- k.k eyebrow by Lilith
- Eye color by ChemistryCourtney (No other way to get. The author does not prohibit the use of his works).
- Nosemask Angelina 2 by Nabila (The links on the author’s blog are dead. Permitted to use)
- *dark shadow* by sugarandcaffeine
- Miranda (nosebulb) by Amaryll
- Miranda (mouthcorners) by Amaryll
- eyelash by GE-Studio
- lashes 02 by AvikaPang here
- Lipstick 008 by NewSea
- Lower Eyelid by Alfred Askew ("28" EYELID MASKS )

- windtiara medieval set4 by Wawa
- Jewel Set Gold Mesh Liana by LaPink (Dead site)
- SkinTone - My Poor Lover 2 by Pooklet

- Hair color red2 NS&BFsynt by AdeLana
- Hair mesh NS&BFsynt by AdeLana
- Satin Wedding Dress AAS by AAS (Dead site - go through the web archive)
- MESH clothing (DivinoVictorianRoyall091006) by Divino (Dead site)
- Mesh_LianaSims2_com_Princess_Jewelry by Liana

Additional Credits:
I express my gratitude to all content creators, which I used.