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Nosy sim interactions

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2019 at 7:57 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2022 at 4:09 PM - ntically invol
Hi simmers, first of all I appologize
because I'm not able to provide a bug free mod.

What I did is a tricky way to prevent your sims
from resetting with the help of a try and catch error
Now instead of resetting sims you will see a
blue pop up window and you'll have to click on delete.

I know this is lame and I'm really sorry I'm out of
options in how to fix my mod. I just wanted to bring
this possibility for those who absolutly want use the
mod but fear resets.

Good news is I also added two new questions, thank you for the idea MissPat

- Any romances?

- Can we be exclusive?

What is this mod :
It's three new friendly social interactions :

- Do you have children ?

- Who do you live with ?

- Any family ?

Hope you'll have fun!

Known issues :
- Some players are experiencing a reset error when asking these new questions in game. I opened a thread to test updates in order to fix this problem. If you want to help or report errors :

Future improvements :
- Grant the wish "Talk to" when asking these questions.
- Add "Any pets", "What skills do you have", and "What is your favorite dish"?

Additional Credits:

Thanks to CmarNYC for the great tutorial (Adding pie menu options to sims)
Thanks to Battery for the great help.
Thanks to Battof88 for sharing C# knowledge with me.