Renowned Photographer Aspiration

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Uploaded 25th Nov 2019 at 3:31 PM · Updated 7th Mar 2020 at 6:08 PM by xbrettface

2/17/2020: Fixed issue with third level text cutting off.
2/06/2020: Added Portuguese Brazil translation!
1/23/2020: Added French translation!
1/16/2020: Added more information/tips when you hover over objectives & tested working with 1.60.54
12/19/2019: Added Chinese translation!
12/13/2019: Added a second download option for simmers without Discover University & tested working with: 1.59.73

Two options are available: (only download one)
V1 requires Discover University
V2 does not require Discover University

Renowned Photographer: This sim wants to capture beauty through photography and share their vision with the world!
Reward Trait: Marketable Sims sell items they've crafted for more Simoleons!

1) Click And Shoot
Take 5 Photos
Share Photos

2) In A Flash
Level Up Photography Skill
Take Photos of Mua Pel'am
Take a Photo at Myshuno Meadows
Take 30 Photographs

3) Full Exposure
Reach Level 3 Photography Skill
Browse Art on the Web
Research Results of Photo Editing on a Research Machine (V1)

4) Perfectly Posed
Take a Photo of a Sim posing in front of a Fashion Studio Backdrop
Take a Photo of Sims illuminated by Fashion Studio Lights
Reach Level 5 Photography Skill
Buy a Photo Studio (Retail Lot)

Aspiration Whims:
Become Inspired
Share Ideas
Take A Photo With
Make Money from A Photo Studio
Take Photo
Take Selfie
Take Photo Of

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor V4
WoaiWilliam's Chinese translation Caradriel's French translation
Melqui1's Portuguese Brazil translation

Built with game version: 1.58.63