"Crop Cireles" Park

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2019 at 8:46 PM
I present to you the new "Crop Circles" park.
Ufologists suggest that the observed pictograms in the margins are a product of the creativity of a different mind.
For example, traces of a UFO landing. Or, on the contrary, messages specially sent to earthlings from other planets.
Although the hypothesis is not confirmed, our park testifies to the extraterrestrial origin of these circles, since
children in the park become like little non-terrestrial creatures that make noise, jump and rush,
like comets!
- included - a recreation area (chessboard and fishing)
- included - viewing platform (telescope and dizziness circle)
- included - playground for children
- included - a recreation area with pool
- area for food (One Diner and prepare food yourself)

If you have previously downloaded "Space Flight" playground - here , then you do not need to download the Castom Content folder.

I made two options for the park:
1. with new objects for the playground and a new view of the One Diner (park_Crop Cireles)
2. exactly the same park, only a playground and a One Diner are different, only Maxis objects were used (park_Crop Cireles NO_CC)

You can choose which option of the park suits you.

park_Crop Cireles - 128,801
park_Crop Cireles NO_CC - 121,761

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): 128,801

Custom Content by Me:
- Park "Crop Cireles"

Additional Credits:
The Sims