Eat at tables [no longer maintained as of August 6th 2021]

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Uploaded 4th Dec 2019 at 4:35 PM · Updated 6th Aug 2021 at 8:45 AM by Shane Grey

8/6/2021 : Hi everyone ! Given the number of mods out there doing the same thing as this one, and the small amount of time I can give to modding, I've decided I won't maintain this mod anymore. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

So I was tired of my Sims not eating at the table when it was in front of them. I looked for a mod to correct this and I found Mental-Hygiene's.
But it hasn't been updated since Strangerville came out, so I made my own thing, updating this and voila.

With this mod, your Sims will prefer to eat at table, so they'll either sit in a dining chair or a bar stool if there's no chair available. If they're watching TV while eating, they'll still sit on sofas or armchairs.

I thought I should share it in a new thread so it gets more visibility, because since the mod wasn't updated, people stopped looking at the thread.
So here a new version, that I'll hopefully maintain with every game update.

Changes were made in the following tuning files. Any mod using the same files will probably conflict.

You've probably noticed that even with this mod, whenever your Sims are outside, near a picnic table, they won't use it. I was guided on this to find the solution. The solution is another mod, made by LittleMsSam, that you can find in her Random Small Mods on her Tumblr page. You'll need the "Auto Use Picnic Table When Eating". Basically, it overrides all picnic tables so they're considered as dining tables, and the mod works with that.

UPDATES : don't forget to delete the old files before adding the new. All versions are named differently.
2/6/2020 : No change needed for patch 1.61.15.
2/6/2020 : No change needed for patch 1.62
11/25/2020 : Thanks to LittleMsSam for maintaining this mod while I was gone. In the meantime, I got to take a look at my own version, and I may have messed the XMLs up at some point. Anyway, I got the mod working with the XMLs originally modified, but I have to say, I don't have a lot of time at the moment, what with lockdown, and classes to attend online all day. So this is not extensively play-tested. You can give it a go and let me know how it works for you, or keep LMS's fix, as you please.

Additional Credits:
Made with S4S
Originally from Mental-Hygiene