The Sims 4 Family Fun Stuff! *HIGH SCHOOL YEARS UPDATE*

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2019 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2022 at 1:50 PM

14/08/22 UPDATE: The beds have now been updated to work with the latest patch (High School Years) Please download and replace with the old version

11/5/21 UPDATE: The chairs have now been updated to properly work with the latest patch. Please download and replace with the old version

8/8/20 UPDATE: You can now find ALL the items in the pack by searching "family fun" or "simsi45" in the search bar. You can also distinguish the items with the new custom icon! Also made some minor adjustments to visuals, and updated some tuning files. PLEASE REDOWNLOAD AND REPLACE WITH THE NEW VERSION

12/4/19 update: added 2 missing mirrors from the pack. They have been extracted and converted by TheJim07 here on MTS as I wasn't able to extract them myself. Thank you Jim!

Hey all!
Today I present to you:

It's time for some family fun!
Decorate and transform your kids' bedrooms and make their dreams come true, with the brand new FANTASY and UNDERWATER themed furniture sets.
Have fun and decorate with over 40 brand new items including wallpapers, floors, beds, desks and much much more!

1) EVERYTHING has been playtested within the game.
2) The lamps have been correctly vertex painted, so they light up properly when the lights are on!
3) I fixed the "Cloudless Castle Wall" wallpaper's original texture, since it didn't connect right with the rest of the set.
4) I added an additional wallpaper to the Castle Set, which is the "Dragon Wall Piece" but mirrored!
5) I added some additional recolors on some items, so they can match the rest of the stuff.
6) The masks provide emotional boosts to sims. See the item details below for more information.
7) "The Dragon's Horde" slots have been fixed to properly sit on the dresser.
8) Updated some broken textures to look more crisp!

So, as you might know I released this pack earlier this year. However after my long break, I found some minor bugs (most were visuals, but still bugs) that I knew I had to fix. I thought this would be a great excuse, to re-upload the whole pack, merged as one file, as the older versions were split into different parts and the whole process was very confusing and tedious. I also made a little trailer and song to go along with the pack. But wait, that's not all!
Including my fixes, I also include the "Fantasy Carpets" and the "Yodel Lei Carpet" (also found in my Ultimate Carpet collection) since matching the wallpapers with the limited carpeting options TS4 has to offer can prove to be a real challenge.
With that said it is highly recommended to, please REPLACE any old versions of the pack with this new one.

What's Included?!
With this pack you get 46 brand new items including wallpapers, floors, desks and so much more! More specifically:

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Blender SimPE