Proper Winter Coats for Kids - 8 Colors

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2019 at 12:39 AM
Getting back into the swing of creating, here's my first project in some time. It's a simple one, but I haven't seen anything exactly like it.

Trench coats with leggings? Sweaters with scarves? Please. I'm from Boston, and I can tell you right away, that is not winter wear. Unless you want to freeze to death, that is. I personally spend November through April in three jackets, two pairs of pants, a forehead/ear cover, gloves, boots, sunglasses (for blocking the cold air just as much as for my light-sensitive eyes), and something for my nose and mouth. Barely an inch of skin shows and still it's not enough. How can my Sims be expected to spend any amount of time in the snow in the "winter" outfits Maxis gives us?

No, no. Clearly people have no idea what cold really is. I'm fixing that, starting with the kids. I've recolored one of the Maxis parka outfits in a rainbow of basic colors, as well as gray, to hopefully suit everybody's fashion needs. While it's not as much coverage as my real life cold-weather wear, it's certainly a lot closer to what's actually needed. Argue fictional climate all you want, but Seasons gives us knee-deep snow, and that's the kind of temperature my pixel people are going to dress for.

All outfits are unisex and can be found in outerwear for child Sims. This is just a recolor of a Maxis outfit, so nothing should be necessary other than Seasons EP.

Additional Credits:
treeag's indispensable Freezer Clock
The Sims 2 Body Shop
Paint Shop Pro 7