The Tome of the Fourth Sage (Ultimate Spellbook)

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2019 at 1:11 AM
~ Spellcasters have recently unearthed a Tome while excavating a forgotten ruin, the Tome is oozing magical energy, and as soon as one of the Spellcasters touched the sigil all became clear. ~

This Mod Grants you every Spell and Potion Recipe in Realm of Magic.

How to use "The Tome of the Fourth Sage"
1. Make sure your Sim is a Spellcaster.
2. Be sure to have purchased and have "The Tome of the Fourth Sage" placed in a area your Sim can walk towards.
3. Click on "Read The Tome of the Fourth Sage" option. (Your Sim won't actually read the book they will just be enchanted with the knowledge and power they seek.)
4. Your Sim will be given the knowledge of all Spells and Potions.

Mod Information
- This Mod adds the object "The Tome of the Fourth Sage" into the Players game.

- The Object is located under "Activities and Skills" for 5,000 Simoleon

- To use The Tome of the Fourth Sage you must be a Spellcaster (The Tome will not have an Interaction if you are not a Spellcaster)

- The Tome isn't meant to rank you up to the last rank in the WitchOccult line, though it can.

- This Mod does not Interfere or Conflict with any know Mods.

- Any lore that comes affiliated with my Mod comes purely from my Imagination.

Mod Installation
- You need to place all three items that come inside the .rar file into your Mod Folder.
The Mod will not Function otherwise.

Polygon Counts
- High : 106
- Medium : None
- Low : None

Additional Credits:
- MC4
- S4S
- Kutto
- Scarlet Mods